Environmental Themed Theatre
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Environmental Themed Theatre

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We want our community to stay safe. Thank you for your understanding.​

We have developed a number of plays for early children and primary school aged children. Each play explores a particular environmental theme and encourages audience participation. The plays runs 30 to 40 minutes but can be shortened to suit a busy schedule.


  • Alice in Wasteland – learn about landfill and recycling
  • Big Foot Detectives – leaving small prints on the planet
  • Botanical Mechanicals – plants in Shakespeare and recycled costumes
  • Bushfire Madness – plants, animals and bushfire safety
  • Captain Compost – adventures with composting
  • Clean up Your Act – storm water pollution and the garden creek
  • Fun Loving Ferals – feral plants and animals
  • Mad Hatters Greenhouse Party – climate change and the greenhouse effect
  • Save the Planet – plant a tree, ride a bike and have a short shower
  • Scarecrows & Scallywags – no dig gardens
  • The Talking Tree – the benefits of trees to humans
  • Tree Musketeers – a rainforest adventure
  • Ziggy’s Incredible Recycled Time Machine – history of waste

Story Telling 

We also perform walking tales with characters and puppets supporting the story teller. Audience participation encouraged. We are constantly adding new stories to our repertoire and will take requests.

  • The True Story of the Big Bad Wolf
  • Goldilocks, the Bad Tempered Girl and the Lovely Three Bears
  • Yandalllbana and the Seven Piece Makers - local dreamtime tale

Skits and Roving Characters:

The following skits are usually about 10 minutes. The Roving characters can go for much longer-up to an hour before a break.

  • Obnoxious Weeds - Weed Skit and Roving Activity
  • Tree Doctors and Tree Fellers - Tree Skits and Roving Activity
  • Big Foot Detectives - Eco Footprint Skit and Activity
  • The Tree Musketeers - Rainforest Skit and Activity
  • Hiccup and Heartburn - Wedding Skit with the bride Matilda Flatulence
  • The Three Dragons - Snap Dragon, Water Dragon and Dragon Fly

Other characters from the plays, including Flowerpot men, Captain Compost, The Giant Water Bugs and Dodo and Friends, Alice in Wasteland, Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter can do a skit and activity for a general audience.

We can also modify any of these previously performed skits, and possibly write new ones.

Environmental Drama Workshops

Any of the plays can be used as a basis for drama workshops. Clean up Your Act has been used for the Water Tight program in schools.  In this program the Theatre in A Wheelbarrow team performed the play for the whole school at the start of the day. This was followed by a drama workshop with one class from the school exploring the water theme further. This model can be used with any of the plays.

Interactive environmental workshops following the performances, on the themes explored in each play can also be arranged.

Historical Tour/workshop

The Theatre in a Wheelbarrow team also offers historical presentations. These can take the form of tours or workshop/presentations. Participants get to meet authentic characters from the past, they include:

  • The Ghost of Courtney Puckey: Original owner of Puckey’s Estate, Early 20th Century chemist salt maker, tree planter and environmentalist.
  • The Hoskins & Paul Sorensen: The original owner/ manager of Australian Iron and Steel at Port Kembla and the owner of the grand  home Gleniffer Brae with beautifully designed gardens. Sorensen was the first landscape architect to successfully transplant mature trees

We run several of these threatrical tours each season - refer to our events calendar for upcoming workshops. These scheduled tours cost $13 per person (this price may increase slightly from July 2019)

Wollongong Botanic Garden accepts Companion Cards. When cardholders present their Eventbrite ticket and their companion card at the beginning of the Garden tour or workshop their companion will be able to participate for free.
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