Coastal Zone Study
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Coastal Zone Study

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Coastal Zone Management

Council has developed a Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) for our city, in accordance with the Coastal Protection Act (1979).  The CZMP was certified on 20 December 2017 by the Chief Executive of the Office of Environment and Heritage.  Council adopted the CZMP on 19 February 2018 and endorsed it for publication in the NSW Gazette.  A two-stage process was used to prepare the CZMP.​​

Stage One -- Coastal Zone Study

The first stage was the preparation of the Coastal Zone Study. This study investigated the hazards affecting the coastline over time, focusing on coastal processes, climate change and sea level rise.  The hazards considered include:


  • shoreline erosion and recession
  • ocean inundation and geotechnical instability
  • a 1 in 100 year storm
  • sea level rises of 40cm to 2050 and 90cm to 2100 above the 1990 mean sea levels. 


The areas potentially impacted have been mapped. You can view the mapped areas here. You can view the Coastal Zone Study report here

Stage Two -- Coastal Zone Management Plan 

We used a risk management approach to identify options to manage assets and properties potentially at risk and the plan includes recommended actions for Council.  These actions are included in the Implementation Action Plan.

You can view the CZMP documents here

Wollongong Dune Management Strategy for the Patrolled Swimming Areas of 17 Beaches

Dune Management Strategy was one of the key actions in the CZMP.  Council adopted the strategy on 24 March 2014.  Work is currently underway on the recommendatoins in the Strategy.


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