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Development Applications

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Whether you are interested in major development projects, housing construction or buying or selling property, this information is designed to guide you through the planning and development process. 

What is Development?

Development is defined by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 as:

  • use of land
  • subdivision of land
  • erection of a building
  • carrying out of a work
  • demolition of a building or work
  • any other act, matter or thing referred to in section 26 that is controlled by an environmental planning instrument.

The Building and Development Process

The NSW planning process is governed by a hierarchy of legislation and environmental planning instruments. The hierarchy starts with legislation such as the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EPA) 1979, and then steps down to various types of plans (e.g. State Environmental Planning Policies and Local Environmental Plans), policies (e.g. Development Control Plans) and guidelines. These documents regulate land use and development.

We have explained the steps involved in the building and development application process to help you understand the sometimes complex procedure.

***Please note: applications including development applications accepted for lodgement between 8.30am-4.30pm***

Amendments to the State Government’s Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979​

Amendments to the State Government’s Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No. 203 (Act) commenced on 1 March 2018.  The updates include renumbering of all sections in the Act. More information on these amendments can be found on the NSW Planning website, along with a New Act Sections Guide​ that shows the existing section numbers with their corresponding numbers of the new Act. Council is in the process of updating all our relevant publications, including forms, factsheets, webpages and other associated documentation. We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion that may arise as we transition all previous Section names over to the new ones.


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