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Wollongong Interactive Maps

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Our online maps allow you to search for information about locations in the Wollongong Local Government Area (LGA) and view information held by Council specific to an area.

Council’s Interactive Maps are powered by IntraMaps (TechnologyOne Spatial).

Launch IntraMaps

Aerial Imagery

You can view aerial images in any of our online maps. Choose an aerial option under the 'Basemaps' section once IntraMaps is loaded.

General Map

This map has been set up as a simple view of Council’s Property Information. It allows you to view:

  • Property boundaries and information
  • Suburb and other boundaries
  • Aerial imagery.

Planning and Environment Map

In addition to the information contained in the General Map, the Planning and Environment Map allows you to view information from the Local Environment Plan (LEP) and constraints such as:

  • Zoning, floor space ratios, height restrictions, minimum lot sizes, heritage items and conservation areas, reservations, acid sulphate soils, riparian lands, Illawarra Escarpment, natural resource and biodiversity areas
  • Constraint data such as Bush Fire and Flood Prone areas, Coastal Zone Study. Note that some constraint layers can only be viewed at particular scales.

Bush Fire Prone Land Information

This link opens the Planning and Environment Map in a Bush Fire Prone Land view, showing Bush Fire Prone areas in the Wollongong Local Government area (scale dependent).

Coastal Zone Study Information

This link opens the Planning and Environment Map in a Coastal Zone Study view, showing information from Wollongong City Council’s Coastal Zone Study 2010, including:

  • Ocean Inundation Extents 2010, 2050 and 2100
  • Zones of Reduced Foundation Capacity 2010, 2050 and 2100
  • Zones of coastal geotechnical risk

Note: The Coastal Zone Study was endorsed at the Council meeting of 27 July 2010.

Stormwater Network Map

This link opens the General Map in an Asset View, showing the existing Stormwater Network in the Wollongong LGA.

The stormwater information provided on this map:

  • Has been compiled from field investigation and civil infrastructure plans only.
  • Is provided as indicative of the stormwater network only and should be confirmed by further field investigations before you rely on this information.

Bushcare Information

This link opens the General Map and allows you to view the current Active Bushcare Sites throughout the Wollongong LGA.

A Search “by Bushcare” query is also available to allow you to search by Bushcare Group names or by suburb.

Cycleway Information

This link opens the General Map in a Cycleway view, showing existing Cycleways in the Wollongong LGA, including their classifications of:

  • Mixed Traffic
  • Off Road Bicycle Only Path
  • Off Road Shared path
  • On Road Bicycle Lane
  • On Road Separated Shared Path
  • Road Shoulder with Parking
  • Road Shoulder without Parking.
For further information see Council’s Wollongong Cycling Guide & Map page.

Ward Information

This link opens the General Map showing Ward Boundaries for the Wollongong LGA.
Search by address, and the Ward for your property will be displayed on the map, and in the info panel on the right hand side.


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