Planning for the Future
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Planning for the Future

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Council's planning document framework is structured around the Office of Local Government's requirement for Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR). A key principle that underpins the planning framework is that planning does not exist in isolation.

While Council's IPR approach includes one Program and One Plan, being the Delivery Program and Annual Plan, there are over 100 Council-endorsed plans, which are referred to as Supporting and Informing Documents. These documents are considered annually for inclusion in our IPR Legislated Documents as part of the Annual Delivery Planning Process which involves rigorous planning and prioritisation.

The following naming conventions are used to assist with understanding the relationship between Council-endorsed planning documents and the IPR Legislative Documents.


Informing Documents
include all guidelines, Plans of Management, investigations and studies, and superseded planning documents. These documents inform new policy, new Supporting and Informing Documents, as well as the preparation of Council's Legislated Documents.
Supporting Documents
include Council-endorsed strategies, plans, Master Plans, town and village plans, precinct plans and action plans. These documents include long, medium and/or short term outcomes which support the development of Council's Legislated Documents.
IPR Legislated Documents
are the Community Strategic Plan, Resourcing Strategy, Delivery Program and Annual Plan (Operational Plan under the Act), and are required under the Local Government Act 1993.

A City for People

'A City for People', Wollongong has now been endorsed and the four supporting documents noted.

‘A City for People' sets a vision for the City Centre and the strategic direction to guide the delivery of Wollongong City Centre as a dynamic and vibrant regional city.The main document is supported by a suite of four documents including an Implementation Plan, which identifies actions to deliver 'A City for People', setting priorities, allocating budgets and identifying the need for ongoing community partnerships to deliver change.

For more information visit our Have Your Say page or read the report below:

A City for People [6.51 MB]

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