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Group Exercise Classes

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Class Descriptions

ABT (Abs, Butts & Thighs)
A low intensity work out designed to target the abs, butts and thighs.
Active Over 50’s
A gentle exercise class for people in their senior years or participants returning to exercise. The classes are fun, non threatening and easy to follow. Join us for a cuppa afterwards!
Body Balance

A Les Mills class. A mix of yoga, Pilates and tai chi set to music. An awesome mind and body workout. Fantastic for toning, strength and flexibility.

A Les Mills class. A weights based class designed to improve muscle tone and body shape. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen! An easy to follow time efficient workout that gets fast results.

A Les Mills class. The world’s fastest way to tone the butt and thighs! The rhythm and energy is addictive, the atmosphere is inspiring! Come and be part of the Ultimate Step Class!

Cardio Boxing
A series of boxing-related exercise stations designed to build muscle strength, balance, agility and coordination.

An exercise experience that is highly motivating, jam packed with fun and puts you on the fast track to fitness.

Exerheartbeat Circuit
A low to moderate intensity workout combining cardio and resistance training targeting those with heart conditions, diabetes, obesity and general health concerns - medical practitioner clearance advisable.
Freestyle Aerobics
A cardio and strength exercise class involving some power walking / running and hand weights.
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
One of the most effective training methods for both fat loss and cardio fitness. HllT is not one specific exercise, although cycling or running are often used. HIIT involves an interval of a high intensity exercise followed by an interval of lower intensity exercise to allow recovery. The time intervals will vary. Beginners should start with shorter (high intensity) intervals and longer recovery (low intensity) intervals.
Teen Circuit
An exercise class for 8 to 15 year olds held upstairs in our fully equipped circuit area.
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