Haywards Bay
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Haywards Bay

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Traditional Custodians of Illawarra Land

Local communities of Aboriginal people were the original inhabitants and Traditional Custodians of Illawarra Land. Their dialect is a variant of the Dharawal language. Before European settlement, the Aboriginal people of the region lived in small family groups with complicated social structures and close associations with specific areas. Suburb boundaries do not reflect the cultural boundaries of the local Aboriginal community. Traditional Custodians today are descendants of the original inhabitants and have ongoing spiritual and cultural ties to the Land and waterways where their ancestors lived.


Haywards Bay is located 18 kms south west of Wollongong between the shoreline of Lake Illawarra in the east and the Princes Highway in the west, the Maquarie Rivulet in the south and Yallah in the north. Suburb assigned 5 August 2005.

In 1999 a submission was made to the Geographical Names Board to change the boundaries of Yallah to create the new suburb “Haywards Bay”. The suburb was to encompass the “Haywards Bay Estate” .

The site of the new “Haywards Bay Estate” was once a homestead called “Riverside” which included stables and ancillary sheds. These have been removed for the development of the area.
(Forbes Rigby, 1999)

The submission to the Geographical Names Board was for Soredo Pty Ltd, the developer of Haywards Bay Estate. It appears Soredo went into liquidation in1996. The subdivision development has been continued by the Winten Property Group. The change of developers has resulted in plans for a golf course being cancelled and a larger area of land being dedicated to conservation and recreation.

Land grants - see Yallah

Early residents - see Yallah

Early industry - see Yallah

Early transport - see Yallah

Historic buildings - see Yallah

Haywards Bay - Environment

Haywards Bay is surrounded by 85 hectares of reserve and offers nearly 5 kilometres of waterfront to Macquarie Rivulet and Lake Illawarra.. It is located fifteen minutes from the heart of Wollongong and 90 minutes from Sydney’s CBD. (Daily Telegraph 28/1/2006)

The Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA) is in the early stages of planning the management of Haywards Bay foreshore. This is a result of a Deed of Agreement between Winten Property Group and the Authority that 81 hectares of foreshore land will be transferred to LIA at the conclusion of the subdivision development, or on 31 December 2010, whichever occurs first. (Lake Illawarra Authority Annual Report 2007-2008)

The land is liable to flooding and has significant conservation and recreational value. Water quality control ponds, which currently treat stormwater runoff from the development site, are included in the land to be transferred to LIA. There is also an aboriginal midden and portions of the Macquarie Rivulet delta which contain large areas of saltmarsh. (Lake Illawarra Authority Annual Report 2006-2007)

Haywards Bay has large areas of samphire (a small saltmarsh herb) with mud flats. When the water levels are suitable the area becomes a haven for the Pacific Golden Plover, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Black-winged Stilt as well as other visiting waders, herons and ducks. (Lake Illawarra Authority Community Newsletter, July 2005).

Other birds that have been recorded as being in the area are:

  • Great egret
  • Cattle egret
  • Lesser golden plover
  • Grey plover
  • Crested tern
  • Caspian tern
  • Eastern curlew
  • Greenshank
  • Common sandpiper
  • Culew sandpiper
  • Japanese snipe
  • Bar-tailed godwit

(Yallah Local Environment Study : Wollongong City Council)


 About 1902, a Mr. Hayward was secretary of the smelting works. He went to South Africa to take charge of one of the Rand mines (Illawarra Historical Society, 1968 p.12) . It is most likely that the suburb of Haywards Bay is named after this Mr Hayward. Mr Hayward appears on the 1901 electoral roll as an “accountant” who gives his address as “Lakelands”. Lakelands was formerly owned by the Illawarra Harbour and Land Corporation.




















 Haywards Bay - Timeline

Rezoning of land at the southern end of Yallah to allow medium density  housing
Rezoning of land from 5a Power Station to 6c Tourism to enable further residential development
Submission made to the Geographical Names Board to change the boundaries  of Yallah to create the new suburb ‘Haywards Bay’.
Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA) agreed to accept an offer from the Winten  Property group to dedicate 81 hectares of Haywards Bay foreshore land to  the  LIA.
Haywards Bay recognised as a suburb by the Geographical Names Board of  NSW
First families move into the new suburb.
Construction of a service station commenced in Haywards Bay commercial  precinct.


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