Maddens Plains
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Maddens Plains

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Maddens Plains - Environment

A locality about 1 km N of Scarborough and about 7 km E of Southend Station


 Maddens Plains - Timeline

Meeting of residents of Bulli at Mackenzie's to discuss a new line of road wanted from Maddens Plains to Wollongong via the Bulli Parish Road
Nine-hole golf course constructed at Maddens Plains
Illawarra Golf Course extended to 18 holes
$80,000 PMG installation at Maddens Plains threatened by bushfire (Illawarra Index)
PMG test aerial over 100 feet high erected near Princes Highway at Maddens Plains
New PMG communication tower erected at relay station
Brambles get gravel trucking contract.  Brambles will cart gravel from Maddens Plains to Wollongong in spite of protests by 70 lorry drivers (Illawarra Index)
Fire threatens PMG installation at Maddens Plains. Station is main link in radio telephone system between Sydney and Wollongong
Nareena clubhouse at the Illawarra Golf Course is destroyed by fire. Arson suspected.
Coal Cliff Colliery permitted to establish coalwash dump in Western Gully of Maddens Plains.
The name 'Treverrow' assigned to trigonometrical station on the eastern edge of the Illawarra Range at Maddens Plains. Leon Gilmore Treverrow was a Lands Department surveyor stationed in Wollongong. He also taught surveying at the Wollongong Technical College (Website - Geographical Names Board of NSW)


Geographical Names Board of New South Wales. Accessed 4 January 2010

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